Thursday, September 20, 2012

Out and About in Boston: The Boston Children’s Museum

Early in the summer we took a trip into Boston to visit the Boston Children’s Museum as a family.  I’ve done the museums in Boston with just the kids, and we love it.  But it is always so wonderful to be there as a whole family.  It’s lovely to be together, and it’s always an extra bonus to not be the sole person responsible for keeping the kids together, fed, bathroomed, and happily back to a car that can be found!!!  Oh it is certainly great to have Matt around in Boston! 

We’re going to stick with just pictures this time! Next time come with us…we’d love to have you!!!!

DSC_0304DSC_0310DSC_0313 (2)DSC_0316DSC_0315 (2)I wish you could hear how noisy noisy she was sucking away on this toe.  It was hilarious

DSC_0318DSC_0320DSC_0323 (2)DSC_0325DSC_0327 (2)DSC_0336DSC_0346 (2)DSC_0348 (2)DSC_0350