Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Matt is the science guy.  Not me.  But there is a science to running a family, and a specific micro sort of science to all of the little gears that run a home. 

Grocery shopping is one of those gears. And we Robinsons, have had to develop our own little science to keep food in the house without leaving mom’s sanity (and perhaps a child or two!) at the grocery store.  Lately our science has involved a uber-specific list, and Dad, on his own on the way home from work, channeling his inner Hannah!  It’s worked our great really, as he also unloads and puts away everything he buys.  Heaven! 

Yesterday however, found Spencer, Emma and I in the grocery store for a much overdue shopping trip.  We like to shop at a discount grocery store that has fabulous prices (Market Basket) but is 20 minutes away.  To make it worth it, we do one big shopping trip there a month and supplement with the local more pricey places for the produce, milk, eggs, etc. every week.  So this wasn’t just a little jaunt to the grocery store, it was serious business. 

The kids were actually really good.  Aside from Spencer dinging a car with his door in the parking lot (which we talked to the owner about and he was able to have a great experience with honesty and responsibility…yay for compassionate people!) and a bit of fussing from Emma, which was quickly abated with the gift of a whole carrot to gnaw on.  It was a lot of work, and was pretty insane, I’ll admit it, even with two very well behaved kids.  By the time we checked out we had two full carts…yup, take a minute to picture it. Two carts, two kids, one adult. 

As we pulled our carts through the last aisle the insanity (and humor) of the moment hit me.  I admit, I was on the verge of humiliation.  But then another, and much more profound emotion hit.  It was gratitude.  It struck me that there are countless mothers who cannot stand in the grocery store with two carts full of food.  Perhaps it’s the food itself that is not there, or perhaps it’s the money to purchase it.  We have had much leaner times than we enjoy at this season.  I still stick with a tight grocery budget, but one that allows for plenty of  delicious food.  Children have so many needs.  And the blessings that allow me to meet their need (their constant need) for food is one that I am truly grateful for. 

It was a welcome and beautiful thought amidst the chaos that is grocery shopping with two children in Market Basket.