Thursday, January 26, 2012

Nesting 3.5 :: Hooded Car Seat Blanket

And…we’re back! 

There is nothing better than the first few days with a velvety soft, delicious baby.  We’re still in family hibernation mode around here, but will be venturing out in this space (and to the park since winter isn’t quite “winter” around here lately!!!). 

So, for a bit longer, (though the nest is already filled with a little one), we’ll be nesting!

With the car seat done over to our liking, I moved on to another of the three car seat projects I had in mind.  The second project was a snuggly blanket like the one seen here.  Winter in New England is no joke (usually!) so I wanted something super warm and snuggly for our little lamb.  The blanket shown in the awesome tutorial is much lighter than I wanted for these winter months.  Though I think I might make a light-weight version of the same blanket for spring and summer.  I used a beautiful thick white fleece for the inside of the blanket and a heavier cotton…almost denim weight, but softer, for the outside.  I followed the tutorial exactly…then I saw this!  I loved the hood idea, so immediately cut into the completed blanket to add the hood.  Love.

Here’s our little lady using the car seat blanket for the first time…heading home from the hospital and out on her first outing…a walk in the park on a 55 degree January day in New England!!!

  photo (2)photo (3)

Here’s how the blanket works….


All spread out the blanket looks like a sting-ray! 


We are all thrilled to pieces with it. 

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Ambrosia said...

I feel compelled to have another baby just so I can use a cool blanket like that. Your baby is so lovely and squishy yumminess!! Congrats Hannah!

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