Thursday, January 12, 2012

Nesting 3.4

*I wrote this post several days ago, and it's been sitting in line waiting to see you since then. It's a bit funny, and super super special that this post about a family picture comes on a day when our whole family is altogether for the first time, with none of us left in the womb. Welcome to the world little Emma dear. Oh we love you so! This space will be quiet for a few days as we soak in this new little spirit, but don't go far...I still have lots and lots of nesting to show you!!!*

Not all of the “nesting” projects are for the baby. Some are just for the nest! That’s the case with this project. It is purely fun, serves no purpose, and when looked at rationally really could have waited to be attempted until after this very busy time! But nothing about pregnancy and nesting is rational!!!!

I had seen a darling clothes peg family picture somewhere and had always wanted to try it out. It turns out that the time was now!!!! I took a simple frame with a unwanted image; painted the frame a delicious aqua; painted a set of clothes pegs to resemble our family; created a background for them on white cardstock; and assembled it into a darling little family picture. Yup…it had to be done now, and aren’t we happy it was!!!