Thursday, January 12, 2012

Nesting 3.1

The nesting phase is in full swing here.  In the classic “nesting” sense closets are being torn apart and revamped, walls are being washed, and deep cleaning and organizing is happening everywhere you turn.  All this cleaning and organizing is uncannily messy sometimes…but hopefully all will be settle down and in proper order when the big day arrives.  And if not…oh well!

That’s just the classic nesting.  “Hannah nesting” is something else entirely.  On top of the compulsive need to organize, sort, discard, and clean everything in sight is the intense need to make everything that could possibly be needed or desired for a baby…sensible or not.  We’ve been busy! 

In our current little home our little bundle will be sharing a spot in the master bedroom with my husband and myself.  She’ll have her own little nook (corner, really!) to call her own and we (I!) really want to make it special for her!  A piece I’ve had in mind for quite a while is a button monogram.  I found the perfect gaudy square frame at “the nun’s thrifts shop” (That’s what we call it anyway…it’s really "Our Lady Thrift” of Marlboro Ma).  It was a simple and easy project.  Here’s how it went:

Remove picture from frame and paint!


Cover old picture with white paper.  I did this to keep the color from the original picture from showing through the white fabric backing of the new piece.


Draw a monogram letter on a piece of fabric and fill it in with buttons.  The littles helped me with this part and really had a lot of fun.  We used tacky glue and a bit of hot glue for last minute additions.  When the monogram is done glue the fabric to the cardboard backing of the original image, folding the fabric edges to the back and securing with hot glue. 


Place the picture back into the frame. (Leaving out the glass of course on account of the buttons).  Set the picture in a sunny window sill and  think about the little one who will take on this initial in such a short time!