Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Making for Baby….burb cloths

There are a multitude of projects for this new baby of mine in various stages all around my workroom…and the rest of the house.  After all, with two littles already living their lives fully, homeschool each day, and never ending commitments and adventures outside of the house, I never know what project it will be just the right time to work on.  There’s knitting and crochet projects ready for car rides, painting ready for art time (art time that doesn’t need careful supervision that is!!!), sorting and rearranging for every spare second I can find, and a miriad of sewing projects…ready for whatever brain power I happen to have left when I can dive into the workroom. 

Once in a while one of these projects has just enough few minutes here and there to actually be completed.  Though the process of creating for my wee ones is truly a joy I do love the act of folding things carefully and setting them away in anticipation for their sweet user to arrive.  And I’m not at all ashamed to admit that I periodically get everything out and touch it and refold it and love it while thinking of and loving this sweet girl that we are so ready to welcome.

Recently making to the “ready and waiting for baby” shelf was a (the first of many I imagine) set of burp clothes.  Though it is a beautiful dream that this child won’t be a spit-upper…one must be prepared!!!  I made these burp clothes patterned after my favorite ones from my Spencer-boy.  Super simple.  Perfect.  They are two layers of flannel cut in a slight hourglass shape, sewn wrong sides together, turned, and top-stitched.  Easy peasy!

I had a lot of different styles of burp clothes for my little man cub and these ended up being my favorite.  Being flannel they stayed on my shoulder nicely and were just the right size to be effective without bulking up the diaper bag to insanity.  I found that the stains from spit-up were too hard to get out of the cloth diaper style clothes and really disliked the yellowish grossness they still held even when clean.  These were the clear winner.  I picked a few half yard cuts of flannel at Joann’s when there flannels were 2.99/yd, and we were good to go.  I say, “I” picked them up, but really the patterns where chosen by the littles.  They do so love to choose fabric after all!!! 

Little by little the “nest” of things waiting for this baby is filling.  Little by little time is being spent with each of my projects.  Little by little my belly is growing.  And little by little the reality of another sweet girl joining our family is sinking in.