Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A Birthday Chair

There is not a holiday or birthday that passes through our home that is not accompanied by a bit of crafting.  That’s just how we like it!  For my little miss’s birthday I refinished a doll highchair that I snagged at a thrift sale months and months ago for just this purpose.  It was a pretty simple and delightful job.   Though I don’t recommend spray painting in the dark by the light of the flood lamp.  It pretty much needed to be completely redone the next day…! 

With said spray painting, a bit of foam, a trusty staple gun, some delightful fabric bits and a few pom poms we were in business!  As anticipated the chair was met with complete adoration and has a taken a special spot in the play kitchen area.  Little known to her, the chair is really waiting for it’s true occupant, who is patiently waiting on a closet shelf for her wardrobe to be completed so she can arrive in style on Christmas morning.  Oh my oh my it is just too much fun to live with and make for this little joy girl of mine.