Thursday, September 1, 2011

Adventuring at the playground


In Trumansburg NY there is a fabulous playground at the Taughannock Falls State Park. If you turn away from the playground at the shore of the lake and look up at the mountain (or foothill…depending where you live and how you define a mountain!!!) there is one visible house in the sea of green. I just love it. Someday, when there is a drastic need for Actuaries in rural New York I am going to live in this house. Every day I’ll walk down the hill with my gaggle of children and play on the playground and explore the gorge that leads up to the Falls. We’ll discover the gorge like only regular visitors can, we’ll be able to identify the rocks and trees around us and live in the bliss that must surround those that live in a house in a sea of green next to one fabulous natural playground, and one fabulous manmade playground. I’m sure to live in this house I’d have to have some free range chickens and a swarm of honeybees. And I’m quite certain that one of those window-lined, sun-drenched rooms is aching to be my sewing room. I am also completely sure that the children that live in this house just love to help clean its immensity!!! Ah…to dream!


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