Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Out and About…at Wingaersheek Beach

This weekend we explored Wingaersheek (pronounced locally Wingaahh-heek!) Beach in Gloucester MA.  To say it was amazing would be an understatement!  There is only one road out to the beach (which is a narrow, curvy, residential road), and only one place to park, which is wicked expensive ($25!!!)…but totally worth it.  To get around it you could go after 5, when the life guards leave and they no longer charge for parking.  The long beach has beautiful sand and shallow water with calm waves, which is great for little ones, especially my  littlest who is still a bit shy of the oceans “roar”.   There are huge boulders everywhere to swim or wade out to in high tide and walk to in low tide.  So fun to explore!  The most amazing thing about this beach are the natural sand bars that are everywhere creating pathways way out in to the water in lower tides.  We left (read: were chased away by a rapidly approaching thunderstorm!) while the tide was still receding but still were able to walk way way out with the water below our waists.  We are anxious to go back at low tide to really be able to explore all those sandy pathways. 

We love the beach.  We positively drink in all the richness that it fills our senses with.  There is nothing that rivals a day spent at the beach!  Oh, welcome, beautiful summer beach days and all the sandy, salty, sticky, sweet sweet adventures you bring!!! 


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Emily said...

Looks amazing! How warm is the water up your way?

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