Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Back in the Garden

Every once in a while the hermit inside me rages out of control and I feel the need to drop off the face of the earth for a bit.  Recently that also included a huge and (sadly) unexplained absence from this dear blogging world.  What’s done is done though, and I am back.  Back in New England, back in the studio, back in the kitchen, back in the garden.

After a fabulous jaunt across a few states with a  van full of cousins we returned to our little house on the hill and the littles immediately and joyfully ran to the garden.  Munching on new green beans, mourning the end of the peas, exclaiming over the expanse of the squash plants, and commiserating with their mama over the evidence of Peter Rabbits obvious delight in several of our crops!!!  Clearly I underestimated the ability of rabbits to shimmy in and out of tiny holes in fences.  Sneaky little things.  They’ve completely done in the broccoli, carrots, swiss chard, onions, scallions, and basil.  I’ve been doing my best to focus on what is left in the garden, but I must admit that seeing all those yummy foods listed in the done and gone category is a bit frustrated and totally tragic!!  We are happily eating from our garden despite the colony of bunnies we are waging war with and are looking forward to many yummy fresh from the garden meals in the coming weeks. 

Much to my children’s dismay the eggplants are safe and sound (!!!) and I am on the lookout for delicious eggplant recipes to grow their love of this gorgeous vegetable.  Our favorite eggplant dish last year was eggplant parmesan and we plan on eating much more of that this year.  I also have big intentions on slipping it into many other dishes without notice!  Yes.  I have become my mother!!!  Though my children are quite unlikely to find lentils in their pizza sauce…but I’m still young…you never know what I’m capable of!!!


I’m not really sure who was more sad to see us return…the rabbits or the weeds!!!



We are thrilled with the red curry squash plant that has grown as a volunteer from the compost we added to the garden.  I don’t know what makes the littles more excited….the fact that it is growing all on it’s own without anyone planting it…or the very enthusiastic way that it is growing…namely up and over and all around the fence in a magically jungley sort of way!!!