Friday, May 6, 2011

This Moment!

There is just so much to do around here involving dirt, seeds, shovels and rakes that we are kept very happily busy.  Less and less of the dining room table is visible under the trays and trays of seed starts.  I’ve even tried my hand at starting tomatoes from seed this year.  We’re hoping they spring up healthy and strong despite all the extra help from four little hands.  Though I wouldn’t start them any other way…so tomato plants or not it will be a success!  We quickly ran out of trays and switched yesterday to a bag of potting soil and a stack of the cheapest plastic cups available.  (I got this idea from the my Auntie, who’s every windowsill was filled with little plastic cups filled with happy baby plants on our last visit there.)  The fun (and bonus) of this method is that each individual cup can be labeled so there’s no mistaking what’s emerging.  Because sometimes, the littlest of hands like to pull out the labeling sticks and rearrange them….!  I’m hoping I can tell the difference between peppers, zinnias, sunflowers, etc!!! 

Here’s to a very happy, very busy weekend with hands and toes in the beautiful spring soil!!!