Monday, May 9, 2011

A Library Bag of Her Own

We’ve had several “library” bags for our family.  They’ve varied in size and material and I think we’ve just now settled on one that suits our vast library gatherings each week.  It’s a monstrous canvas bag that was free to me and just needs a little face lift which I am excited to make happen, and share with you.  On a recent library adventure the littles decided that they needed their very own library bags.  We set to work in the studio doing our very best to follow their different but equally specific design ideas.  They each chose their own fabrics and designed their own bags.  I was pleasantly surprised at how their bags pulled together with the variety of fabrics and ideas they had.  His is still sitting on the studio table waiting to be finished up and taunting me terribly as I would really really like to dive into some delicious fabric for a new spring bag for me!  Hers, however, is done, approved of, and anxiously awaiting the next trip to the library. 

She used a Fancy Nancy book as reference for size…she uses Fancy Nancy books as reference for a lot of things!!!  It’s just a simple lined bag, with just the right amount of embellishments.  We punched a hole in her library card and strung it on a ribbon around the handle so it can’t be lost!!!!  Here’s the bag construction: cut a long rectangle; fold in half and sew the side seams; repeat for lining; sew handles to outer layer; put lining and outer layer together right sides together; sew, leaving a couple inches open to turn bag; turn bag right side out and topstitch around top edge; sew off the corners of the bag perpendicular to the side seams; fold up triangle and attach with button!  And…that’s it!  I realize this isn’t the best way to describe instructions….I’ll post some in progress pictures and a bit more “step by steps” with Spencer’s bag. 

Happy book gathering!