Monday, March 21, 2011

Sun Fresh

If I look outside right now there is a fresh blanket of snow covering the New England ground.  But for the last few days this was not the case, and we were instead watching the islands of remaining snow from the winters depths grow smaller and smaller till they could be leapt over by even the smallest of Robinson legs.  Those days when I looked outside into the backyard I saw a rainbow of fleecey diapers drinking in the fresh “spring” air.  The fresh sunny air that had shrunk those islands at an alarming rate worked wonders on more than just the volumes of snow.  IMG_8582

For one, it breathed new life into our batch of cloth diapers and worked a magic on them that can only be done by the sun.  They hung pleasantly out in the sun drinking in the fresh breezes and afternoon rays and came in smelling fresh and beautiful. 

I’m not about to compare myself to a diaper…but the sun and fresh and air and springish breezes breathed new life into me, and worked a magic on my soul not to be outdone by anything else.  There is just something about the coming of spring…!  I’m going wild with ambitions and plans and dreams of green growing things!  Oh yes indeed…even if only for a few days, the sun has been here to work it’s magic and the rut of winter is behind us. 

Happy spring my friends!