Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Spring Fairies

There are many many ways to celebrate the first glimpses of spring.  I’m a fan of pretty much anything that heralds such a delightful time of year.  This year, in our home, we celebrated fairy style.  Is there a better way than that!??!  Miss Rebecca has been in party planning mode the past few months.  She plans elaborate events for the various stuffed “friends” in our home, and any live bodies she can gather.  We have been so excited about the breath of spring air, and the talks of a spring party was in the air.  I have been working on saying “yes” to more of the little things that are actually very big things to my little ones!!!  So a fairy party was born.  Six little fairies were invited, menus were (very carefully) planned, games and crafts were imagined, and lists upon lists were made.  (Writing lists and making plans are so much more fun handwriting practice than worksheets and such…so yes…for a few days fairy party planning became part of our school day!) 


With wings and tutu on, and wand in hand she scurried and flitted about setting her fairy house in order and filled the air with delightful fairy energy!  Fairy magic truly filled the house…

:: from the kitchen:: 

Strawberry Raspberry Pies baked fairy style in muffin tins!  Cupcakes, and cream puffs, and lemonade.

::in the dining room::

Craft projects, and a bit of tissue paper and streamer love.

:: outdoors::

Well, outdoors was full of exploration and discoveries, bubbles, swings, and all sorts of fairy dancing.  Just as a group of seven little fairies and their Spencer-gnome should be.

I have to say, my favorite part of filling the house with seven little winged fairies was witnessing my own little fairy take to hosting and planning.  She thought so carefully about the things that each guest might like and how to please them.  It was endearing and wonderful to witness her practicing her grasciousness and hostessing manners with live friends!  A mother never tires watching their little ones stretch and grow I suppose.

Now I will admit…I had plans for lots of delicious photos capturing the magic of out fairy afternoon…but it turns out the camera, though always with me, didn’t always make it to my finger tips with oh-so-many wings flitting and dancing around me with alarming energy and excitement.  There were two moments in particular however in which the world stopped, the image before me was frozen for a second or two, and in that short glimpse of time I knew that it would be saved forever in my heart…and thankfully in our in digital storage device as well!!! 

First, the image of my own little fairy standing at the window with here wings on watching the hill for the first of her long anticipated fairy friends to arrive. 


Second, the image of seven fairies and a little gnome flying down “the lane”.  They were just so bright and carefree flitting through a world that was still so very gray and brown filling it with bursts of color and the pure joy of childhood.  It was magic.  IMG_8600

And so my friends…I think you will find the Robinson family welcoming spring in fairy style for years to come.  (Actually…as I am typing this I had the frightening realization that she might outgrow the magic of welcoming spring this way…oh what a sad thought…let’s just push that thought out with a bit of ice cream shall we!)