Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A Taste

While out of town in Philadelphia last week we enjoyed unseasonably warm weather for a few days. It was absolutely marvelous to say the least.  We soaked in the vitamin D, drank in that delicious air, bounced and bounced and bounced, and felt the sun and fresh air on skin that has been armored with oh-so-many layers for oh-so-long.  It was such a great taste of what is to come.  For spring my friends is on its way.  Ever since that brief taste of spring weather I can’t seem to get the coming season off my mind.  Gardens, airing out, sprucing up, changing wardrobes, sunshine and warmth fill my thoughts.  I believe it might make the last few weeks of bitter cold a bit more difficult to bear.  But that is not to say the “taste” wasn’t worth it!!

The trampoline was kept in almost constant bounce in the glorious weather.  They had a blast!