Tuesday, February 22, 2011

How to Make a Hair Bow Holder

There are so many lessons and teachings that were part of my childhood that still run through my mind in the voices of my parents.  Not that I hear voices…that’s not what I’m saying!!  Just that I remember so clearly being told certain things.  The framework of who I am was made during my childhood guided by the teachings and examples of my parents.  But it’s not just powerful life lessons that have stuck with me.  As I am sure is the same with many of you, after becoming a parent, I so often hear myself saying the exact same words to my children that my parents said to me.  It’s a bizarre, and quite funny, circle of parenting thing.

Growing up I heard so often “Hannah, please get your hair out of your face.”  I really never understood the big deal but my parents, (Dad especially), simply didn’t like to see my cute little face through my hair.  And surprise surprise…I don’t really like seeing my own darling little girl through her hair either. As a result “Rebecca, please get your hair out of your face,” is very common around here.  (It really doesn’t help her at all that she chopped a bunch of hair off the top of her head when she was 3 which is just now blending in with the rest of her bob, and still grows in a funky straight-towards-her-nose manner.  Yup…that doesn’t help it…but I just gotta see those eyes when she’s looking at me! 

We’ve invested in a lovely little container full of all sorts of yummy colored hair ties, clips, etc.  to make the “doing” of hair more fun.  I also poked around online a bit and found some great ideas for simple hair bows to make from ribbons, artificial flowers, self-covered buttons, etc.  It is so much fun!!!  My sister and I had so much fun making a bunch for our two girls while we were visiting.  I’ll share about what we made and how a different time…but now I want show you a hair bow holder/organizer that I made from a recycled picture frame. 

I liked the size and shape of the frame but that was about it, but I knew it would be a great option for the hair bows and that I could change all the aesthetics of the piece to fit my tastes.  It was a very simple project.  Paint.  Cut.  Mod Podge.  …and that finished the outside.  IMG_8281


It was a very simple project.  Paint.  Cut.  Mod Podge.  …and that finished the outside. 

I hot glued a layer of quilt batting over the inner part of the frame, and a layer of fabric over that.  I wanted a print, but nothing that would be too busy with all the bows…a white on white paisley from my sisters stash was perfect!  I hot glued my ribbons across and tacked them down in the center on the front.  Attached the inner piece back into the frame and viola! 


IMG_8297Pinning on an organizing the bows, and selecting the perfect one/ones for the day is a favorite hobby of the little miss lately.  And while hair ties do the trick of getting the hair out of a little girls eyes and opening up that bright little face…a sassy hair bow or two matching the personality of the day is simply so much fun, makes thing extra special.  And a little girl that feels extra special is unstoppable.  And girls should be unstoppable.