Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Paper Ruffle Wreath

I’ve been itching to make a felt ruffle wreath in a heart shape for a little Valentines day love around here.  The kidlings were itching to help…but this was one craft I really wanted to do on my own.  (Sometimes a mama just has to claim a craft project as just her own…well this mama must at least!) Not wanting to completely deprive them of the ruffly goodness I had a stroke of genius (can I say that?!?!…really…I’m not vain, really) and came up with a kidling friendly heart wreath.  Super simple, super quick, super super cute.  Yup…the perfect kids Valentines wreath.




Straw wreath form.  These are available at most any craft store. 

Construction Paper.  We used pinks, purples, and reds, some whole sheets and lots of scraps from our scrap folder.

Straight Pins.  I had a little tub of pins that showed up out of nowhere when we moved (???!), they’re straight pins…but a little thicker than I like to use for sewing.  So perfect for this project!! 


1. If your sheets of construction paper are whole then rip them into quarters.  If you’re working with scraps…work with them as they are.  IMG_8133

2.  Crumple your paper into a ball. 


3.  Using a straight pin, pin the crumpled paper onto the wreath placing the pin in a “hollow” of the crumpled paper where it won’t show.


4.  Continue crumpling and pinning the papers on the wreath placing the papers close together so the wreath is nice and full and the straw form doesn’t show through.  You might need to adjust the papers as you go along.


5.  Pin a ribbon loop to the back of the wreath and hang up your ruffley love.