Monday, January 24, 2011

A New Space

After the (fantastic and joyful!) whirlwind that is “the holidays”, I was filled with an overwhelming desire to approach things differently next season in terms of each handmade aspect of the holiday.  Too much time crunch…too many last minute ideas…too many places to find and store ideas.  Yikes…like so many areas in my home and life, there is some serious streamlining that needs to happen.  While brainstorming ideas I came to the conclusion that I needed to start early…both in terms of planning and making.

In that spirit, I am so so very excited to share with you a brand new space that means so much to me.  I hope that it is a space that brings you excitement and inspiration again and again and again.  Though still in its very early stages it is full (and will continue to fill to overflowing…with no stopping!!) of handmade inspiration from talented artists and crafters from all over the blog land for each holiday.  Please explore it and come back often to get ideas, read some great tutorials, connect with some fabulous artists that sell their work, and enjoy the general joy of a holiday whatever day it happens to be!  After all, why can’t you indulge in a little Christmas inspiration and crafting on April 27th, or a little Valentines love on October 14th, or look up the perfect Thanksgiving goodie to munch on March 2nd.  Why not?!?!?!

So please, pull up a chair, the perfect goodie, open up a fresh new “inspirations” folder and come on in to my new space!!

Holidays by Hand

Don’t worry though, this is not a good-bye to A Handmade Childhood.  I’ll still be in this space, hopefully with even more regularity, for a long long time!!!