Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Of Packing, Sorting, and Leaves

Oh the leaves.  Really nothing more can be said to add to the magnificence that is our backyard right now.  It’s hard to pull away for important things like packing and sorting!  We dream of the giant maple trees on the property surrounding our new home, and of the glorious work of raking and playing in them.  It seems that unpacking will be done at much the same rhythm that the packing is!!!  Leaves –leaves –leaves –packing – leaves leaves leaves!  Ah…we do so love the fall! 

IMG_7420IMG_7427  IMG_7418 IMG_7414 IMG_7408   IMG_7521 IMG_7520  IMG_7501IMG_7517IMG_7516 IMG_7515  IMG_7487 IMG_7484 IMG_7482 IMG_7477