Monday, October 18, 2010


In the midst of the dizzying swirl of sorting, labeling, packing, and cleaning that is our life right now there are thoughts, and dreams, and plans for home.  The rooms, closets, and yards of our new home fill my thoughts each day as I work and play, planning all the while.  For I am a home maker.  Isn’t that a huge thing.  Though it’s a simple title written on a form here and there it really encompasses such a monumentally huge and important work. IMG_6643

A home is central to a family.  The spirit of a home is reflected in all that that family does and is.  The structure and environment created directly impact the little souls (and big) that live, or visit, there.  This is no small task.  As I look to create a new home for our family in an unfamiliar area I find myself looking deep for the philosophies and rhythms that will suit us best.  I find myself looking to the principles and beliefs taught in the homes my husband and I grew up in.  I find myself in front of the library shelves, and in front of my own bookshelves scouring the titles for my favorite “home” books.  So much has been written on making homes.  Whether how to decorate, how to fill them with things made by your own hands, how to feed those who live there, how to nurture creativity and peace there, there are a multitude of resources available on every subject. 

First and foremost our home is a family home.  All efforts are made with the strength and benefit of family life as the highest priority.  Families, though a tightly bound group, are made up of individuals and room for each ones growth and development is created.  This means different things for different families, for us it means room for dancing, gardening, sewing, painting and creating, building big with blocks and legos, cooking, etc. …oh, and did I mention that we like to do these things all together.  This makes home making much more than deciding where to put the couch, cleaning up after littles, and cooking meals for said littles each day.  Oh, my dear, it is so much more isn’t it.  


There are so very many of you that I have been blessed to meet through this blog and whose homes and lives I have glimpsed into, all while sitting at my own computer in my own home.  I am so grateful for the inspiration provided by the wonderful ideas that you implement in your own homes.  This truly is a community of strength and inspiration.  Oh, and the books, my, oh my, the books!  The beautiful books published by the women of this community on the subject of  homes have brought immense inspiration.  From these books and blogs and words, I have pulled many ideas that have brought peace and joy to our families home and daily rhythm.  As our family grows and changes I know many of the elements of our home will grow and change as well.  Which provides the delightful opportunity of continually scouring books and blogs for ideas and inspiration.  Happy thought indeed! 

For your browsing pleasure I have filled the book list in the right hand side bar with some of my favorite home books.  This is in no way a comprehensive list.  But, oh my, this list could leave you with days and days of delightful reading!  Go dive in and explore those beautiful books!!! 

Happy home making friends!!