Monday, September 27, 2010

Pizza Rolls

With the coming of Autumn and the darker evenings we have returned to our beloved “pizza and a movie night” Fridays.  The summer months brought pizza-and-play-outside nights.  Which we also loved!  The Planet Earth movies have been crossing our screen bit by bit, opening up little minds (and big minds!) to the wonders of the earth.  Talk about launching points!!! 

In the kitchen I have jumped back into the infinite goodness that is pizza, with a quite a few more tricks to try.  The first was a raving success!  Pizza rolls!  I made my usual crust and topped it with sauce, a blend of several cheeses, peppers, chives, parsely, basil, and pepperoni and then rolled the dough up like a cinnamon roll log.  I sliced into ~1 1/2” sections and placed them on a greased pizza sheet.  They baked for about the same time as a “normal” pizza ~12-15 minutes.  They were amazing!  Truly!  Definitely something we’ll be making again!  (My sister shared this idea with me…she is the cinnamon roll queen,so I think it might be an original idea…!)  September 109