Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Perfect Vintage Pants

September 029

Finally!!! The sewing machine and I are adventuring again! I’ve had a stack of vintage patterns I’ve been itching to dive into and boy was it worth the wait! The first pattern to make it to the studio table turns out to be the perfect vintage 5 year old pants. Excellent! They are made up so quickly and simple and easy to wear. This pattern and I are going to be put to use making capris, pajama pants, and the fanciest assortment of fall pants any very almost 5 year old girl could dream of!! Oh…and the darling little tunic in the pattern just needs buttons…and oh my, it is as cute as a button! Enter all things vintage!September 033

September 034All pictures taken with the enthusiastic help of the little man cub and posed and styled by the model!!!! Oh...and I just need to say that she wore these all day yesterday from the moment that they came off the sewing machine and I didn't take a single picture (shame on me) so I had her slip them on again this morning for a quick shot. Hence the slightly wrinkled - extra comfy look!

The pants are duck cloth in the loveliest blue which has just enough purple in it to pass the test (!) and the trim is a simple cotton with a bit of sparkle in a few of the stripes! I'm going to use heavier fabrics (corduroys, denims etc) for everyday fall pants and fleece, flannels, and knits for sleepwear. I found the pattern at one of my favorite local thrifting spots. It was, apparently, a match made in heaven!

Sometimes I am quite sure that I was born in the wrong era. But on the other hand…sewing now means that I can sew using patterns from all of my beloved vintage eras and enjoy high speed internet at the same time!

Ahh…it is nice to be sewing vintage again!