Saturday, July 31, 2010

Out Kalooping


The Main Street Store

Main Street  -  Albion, NY

A few steps from the Erie Canal on the main street of this small farming town is one of my favorite thrifting haunts.  The store funds many of the community action programs of the area.  Literacy and computer classes, unemployment counseling, and many charitable services are provided here.  It makes the thrifting all the more fun to know the money goes to a good cause!  I never fail to fall in love with something here.  Once it was a set of two perfect yellow chairs…which technically weren’t for sale…but one can now be seen here, and the other is not far from it!!  Most recently it was a china cabinet that is currently receiving a facelift…and that I am sooo excited to show you!  There is something special that builds between a girl and her thrifting spots.  It’s a relationship that must be respected and nurtured!  But oh is it worth it! 

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