Thursday, July 1, 2010

Confessions of a Super Freak

This post is better if you run the chorus of the song Super Freak by Rick James through your head while you read. (Not the whole song…it’s not that kind of post…yikes!) Be careful though…it’s likely to get stuck in your head!

June 244 I have often found myself surrounded by others whose values and interests wildly dissimiliar to my own. Though variety and differences are of benefit to an open mind and a broad perspective and knowledge base, being isolated is sometimes a challenge. I was 26 when I happened upon Amanda Soule’s first book, The Creative Family. I read the entire thing cover to cover and felt as though I had met a best friend. Finally I had met someone who in so many ways felt, acted, crafted, and built a life in the ways I was. Reading that book opened the door to a community of naturalists, crafters, mothers, teachers, etc, who, though online, have become a resource and a refuge. And although I visit this online community regularly for the inspiration, friendship, and resources it provides, I am a citizen of the real world…interacting with and surrounded by real people. And sometimes I still feel like a super freak.

Recently I found myself the super freak in the group again. And despite the odd glances, strange questions, and sometimes patronizing remarks … I love what I love…and will do what I do…and if what I do makes me the super freak…than hello freakdom…you look familiar!

So, here for your pleasure are a few confessions of this super freak…but be warned…you may find yourself a super freak as well.

  • I love to sew clothes for my children.
  • I love to thrift, recycle, and upcycle.
  • I love to garden, to cook with what I grow, and to can and process all that fresh goodness.
  • I love to learn along with my children right here at home.
  • I lived green long before it was chic.
  • I think cloth diapering is fun…really!
  • TV time is very very rare...and very short.
  • I love to DIY as much as possible…in fact right now I’m refinishing my dining room table set and loving every minute of it.
  • I love my handmade life.

So there you have it. A super freak to some…and totally normal to others. Thank you dear readers and friends for making me normal!!!