Friday, June 25, 2010

The Tonkas

A few years ago…when I was a little girl running wild with my own band of marauders in the Berkshire Mountains of Massachusetts one of our favorite toys was a set of Tonka Trucks.  They weren’t the plastic ones of today…they were “made-for-anything” metal ….and boy did we test that!  They were most often used as riding toys as “much-too-big” boys and “silly-enough-to-follow” girls rode them down our mountain driveway.  The old school metal Tonkas that grace our own yard (and are in serious need of  a paint job) were taken to vegetable garden recently to help with “all those peas”!  It turned out that the fun was in driving the Tonkas all the way to the garden and down the path to the pea bed…and not so much in loading them up with peas.  In fact…they really didn’t load peas into anything but themselves!!!  June 225

June 222By the way…has anyone ever repainted a rusty Tonka?  Any tips?!