Monday, May 10, 2010

Rethreading the Machine

May 042 Last night as I was sewing in my new corner nook (so excited to show you what I was working on) my machine threw a bit of a hissy. Not a full-blown 2 year old tantrum…but a bit of a work-stopping hissy. As I got nearer and nearer my own hissy at not being able to figure out what was going on, I took the thread and bobbin out, rethreaded everything and gave it a go. And…as usual it fixed whatever the problem was in the first place. That is usually all it takes…a simple rethreading! A fresh start!

I’ve hit a few snags in my days recently. (Don’t we all!) But usually…just like my machine all we need is a simple rethreading. A change of pace, a change of scenery, … a change! Here are some of our (very tried and true) favorite “rethreading” tricks!

  • go outside – fresh air…no matter the temperature or precipitation level always restores some sanity to our crazy little group…this is always our most successful “rethreading” technique
  • bake something – fun to do, yummy to eat…it’s a change and a treat
  • go to the library – we always come home with fresh adventures to read, books to inspire activities and creative work, etc.
  • make a fortor set up a tent – at the very least it contains the crazy to one place…but usually it opens up a new world and leaves the crazy behind!
  • take a bath – water is magical for children and there’s nothing like a warm bath to calm a frazzled little soul!

Whatever the method, knowing how to “rethread” your machine is so important! I rely on our favorite methods (more regularly than I would like to admit!!!) and am always looking for new ways to get us out of a snaggy little place and back on track! Sometimes…all you can do is glory in a new day…!

Tomorrow is a new day. With no mistakes in it yet.” -Anne Shirley

So…how do you rethread your machine?