Tuesday, May 11, 2010

His Life


Sometimes (often!) I wonder how my little ones view their lives.  What sticks out to them?  What is important to them?  What do they remember?  What do they think of their quirky mama? 

I know they are happy.  I know what they love to do, what they think, and what’s on their mind (I’m updated frequently by one of them at least!).  I see their lives, and live their lives, right beside them…and that is enough for now! 

My little man cub is becoming more and more himself, which is such a joy to see.  Though his words are few, his expressions and opinions are many!  He is happy.  He is loved.  His days are full.  Full of trucks, cars, sand, sticks, bits of nature, garden tools, and his beloved sister…who he mimics very carefully, and very  consistently (really…he does everything she does!!!).  Though it is still just beginning, it is a life I love to see, love to live beside, love to be a part of. 

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Thanks for indulging me in a little ode to my boy.  I highly recommend “oding” your children…they are just magnificent little creatures after all!!!