Wednesday, May 5, 2010


There are some things, some moments, some impressions, that you know (sometimes even as they are happening) that you will never forget. Yet, it is still wonderful to have small treasures that spark the refreshment and enjoyment of those memories.

When I got married I was an art student living 2,000 miles away from my home. My fiance and I set the date for our wedding for the brief respite between semesters in order to stay on track for graduation. (As crazy as it sounds I wouldn’t have done it any differently!) Being so far away from home, and so focused on a heavy course load I handed the bulk of my wedding preparations to my sisters and mother. I set the theme, the general plans and ideas…and they pulled it together (magnificently) with brief consultations over the phone with me! I remember my roommates utter shock as a “dress-fitting” arrived in the mail! I tried on the muslin, marked the changes, sent it back, and with total faith crossed it out of my mind! I will admit that when I arrived home, knowing that my dress was only needing to be hemmed…and the wedding was only days away, that I prayed it would fit…and that I would love it!!…it’s a lot of pressure for a girl to need to love her wedding dress…! And I did…so much!

It was fun to remember those bits and share them with you…but that wasn’t the original idea for this post. I really wanted to share something that I made with the collection of silk flowers used at my wedding that I found at my sister’s recently.

May 019Using a square board with a hole drilled for hanging I removed the stem and hot glued each flower directly onto the board. I clumped them together tightly to get the look I wanted and interspersed some of the lemons from the arrangements as well. (Did I mention my wedding was citrus colored…with lots of citrus fruits!) I covered the edge of the board with ribbon…also from the wedding!…and hung it up!

The wall it is on is a fresh pearly green that is simply lovely and goes so well with this blossomy bit, and it makes me so happy each time I see it. It is bound for my little girls room…but since it hasn’t found the perfect place there yet I am quite happy to keep it close to me for the time being.

May 017

Ahh…sweet memories!