Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Being the mother of two very active, very day-filling kidlings has taught me (among many other things) to make the most of each moment I have to create on my own.  We get quite a bit of creating done together…but ahhh, it is wonderful to create in a bit of calm and quiet.  With my little man cub making the studio his dreamland (temporarily!) I have lost those evening hours of solitary studio sewing time.  So, for this, and several other reasons I have stolen a little corner for myself in my bedroom.  It is not much…but just enough to squeeze a bit more sewing work into the evenings. 

May 012

I am in love with this little space!  It is clean and fresh, sunny and bright…and shockingly uncluttered for a workspace.  I hope to keep like that by only bringing to it the things that I need for a specific project.  We’ll see how that goes!!!  

(The desk is one my oldest brother made while a teenager…it has always been one of my favorites and am so glad to have it for my workspace.  And that chair…well that was a magical find when all my thrifting stars aligned…and one day my whole studio will be designed around it. Yes, I love it that much!)

With a clean surface, a stack of glossy paged craft books to inspire, and a few moments all strung together I am in heaven!  This new space and I got some time to get to know each other a bit last night…and I think we are going to hit it off very well!  May 021

 And while this corner was given a new life…she was dancing away on the bed (which is usually not all… I know…boring Mom!) to see herself in the mirror. 

Still…all was calm in my corner…!  May 024