Monday, April 19, 2010

This Moment

At this moment my two kidlings (sometimes it feels like there must be more than just two!) are sitting on the couch looking at books quietly and calmly.  Every moment is not like this moment! 

I try to, and sincerely enjoy, including my children on all sorts of creative adventures.  We make and do all sorts of things together and have a marvelous time.  But don’t get me wrong…sometimes we are in a much better groove than others.  Sometimes it’s magical…well…it’s always magical to do things with my children…but sometimes the magic is a bit chaotic…and sometimes a lot chaotic!  April 124

Starting seeds together in the kitchen…very chaotic!  Wow!  

Although I was a bit frazzled and out of breath by the end, they were so excited about their project that it was all worth it!  I just hope they grow!  Please grow!   April 127

We planted all sorts of lovely flowers, many with seeds saved from last season, for our childrens garden.  The vegetables we will plant will come from Johnny’s Seeds.

Moments of chaos.  Moments of joy.  Moments of peace. …  it’s all part of a handmade childhood!!