Saturday, April 17, 2010

Another Tree

We went exploring in the woods the other day and came out with the perfect tree for our garden gate.  There is a never ending supply of delights when walking with children in the woods.  (An added bonus at this time of year is that the poison ivy is still dormant so we can walk freely without fear of nastiness afterwards!!!) I highly recommend it!  Even the smallest traces of animal life sparked wonder and curiosity.  New life bursting from the sleeping trees and out of the dark earth welcomed discovery and exploration.  Forts and villages sprung out of everything ignited by powerful and fostered imaginations.  It is marvelous.  Go find some woods!  Go for an explore!  Just go!!!

The garden gate is in construction and I am so excited to get it up and working…and to show it to you!  April 106April 110

We are loving the teepee by the way…it’s almost sad to cover it up with pole beans.  Ah well…even the life of a teepee changes!  April 113     April 108

Happy weekending friends!