Thursday, March 4, 2010

My Merry Men

I often (read: most always) have little hands helping me in any household chore that I do…or anything else for that matter. It is my life! And I love it. But because I am the one trying to bake with little ones centimeters away…or doing the dishes with four to six hands in the sink…or fold and put away clothes faster than the little hands are unfolding and unputting away (it’s a new stage for the little man…boy is he fast!!!) I don’t always see just how beautiful it is to have little hands next to big hands helping…doing…being. I know it is beautiful. I love it…despite it all! But I don’t usually get to step back and see it…to sigh…and to say “aaawww, how beautiful”. Because if I ever did dare step back, I’d be stepping right on top of some little dear which would of course cause me to trip and fall likely taking the bowl or basket or project, or whatever my hands were doing with me and causing a gigantic mess, and since both little dears would likely be crying and the three of us messy and cross … it wouldn’t be beautiful anymore!

But to see other big hands working with the little hands you love so dearly….

step back… look… how beautiful!

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