Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Dance of the Butterfly

I’ve mentioned before that our girl was born with dance in her soul…and arms, and legs, and hips (wow!), and feet…! She dances everyday…everywhere…all the time. (Today I finally just left her dancing in front of the mirror after the “getting out of pajamas and into clothing” was just taking too long.) While she is not in formal classes right now we make time for “dance” practice quite regularly.

Can I just take a moment to mention how grateful I am for the internet, the library, and good ole’ mother’s intuition. They have made it possible for this non-dancing mama (I can dance a mean groove to Abba with my littles…I just don’t actually know anything about dance!) to teach, encourage, and inspire my little dancer. I look forward to seeing what will blossom under formal instruction.

But for right now…I get to have all of this to myself…which is wonderful!!!

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For those of you who might be wondering…

When we “dance” we do a combination of lots of things that include:

  • Matching our movements to the music
  • Acting out stories (I narrate she dances)
  • Dancing emotions (angry dance, happy dance, sad dance, etc)
  • Ballet positions
  • Animal dancing (dancing like a frog, dear, butterfly!, etc)

And lots and lots of free dancing to many different music styles.

Any comments and suggestions to enhance our “training!!” would be very welcome!!!