Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Week of Christmas Cards :: Day 3. Snowflakes


This is all the snow that we have left since that first snow!  It’s the last little bit of a giant ball that my husband rolled for the kiddos to jump on..and off of!  Boy are we glad that he did because that ball of snow has had to last us quite a while!!!

Despite the utter lack of snow our Holiday season has seen we are all about snowflakes today!!!

Cutting paper snowflakes to put in the windows of our home has been a Holiday tradition for our family since I was a little girl.  It is one of my favorite markings of the season.  Sitting around the table with Christmas music playing we fold, cut, snip, and unfold dozens of magical snowy white snowflakes. 

Each of the cards that I want to share with you today center around these paper snowflakes.  So…gather up your white paper, artwork, cardstock, glue, and a marker…turn on that Holiday music and have some fun!!!


First of all, here are some basic instructions on how to fold and cut a paper snow flake.  This is just the beginning.  Get as creative and elaborate as you like…the snow filled sky is the limit!!!

Step 1.  You’ll need a piece of paper.  Basic printer paper works very well! 


Step 2.  Fold your paper in half along the long side.  Cut along the fold.  You’ll need just one half to make a snowflake.


Step 3.  Fold one point down to the opposite edge.


Step 4.  Fold the point of the paper up to the opposite point. 


Step 5.  Fold your paper in half again along the long side.  Cut off the excess paper leaving only you folded triangle.


Step 6.  Cut into the paper on the open edge.  (The edge with no folds)


Step 7.  Cut small shaped out from the folded edges making sure to cut through all layers of paper.


Step 8.  Unfold! 

All the snowflakes used in today’s cards are quite small…keep your cuts very simple.  Everyone will be much happier!


Card 1.  Snowflake!

Step 1.  Cut a piece of artwork the same size as the paper you have cut for your card.  Glue it to the card. 

Step 2.  Cut a piece of white paper to the approximate size that you would like your snowflake to be on your card.  Fold and cut a snowflake using the above instructions.

Step 3.  Glue the snowflake to the card. 


Step 4.  Write a holiday message on the back and share!


Card 2.  Let it snow!

Follow the instructions for card 1, but place the snowflake to one side of the card and write a short holiday message on the front! 



Card 3.  Artsy Snowflakes.

Step 1.  Choose a piece of artwork that you would like to make a snowflake out of.


Step 2.  Cut a piece of the artwork approximately the size that you would like the snowflake to be.


Step 3.  Fold and cut the artwork to make a snowflake using the above instructions. 

Step 4.   Glue the snowflake onto the card in the desired place.


Step 5.  Write a short Holiday message on the front…one or two words is all it takes!!!



I hope you enjoyed these cards!!  I have to say I have fallen in love with the snowflakes cut out of artwork!!  I wonder what else I can do with them…!!!

Have a wonderful day creating!!