Monday, November 9, 2009

Thankful Jar

Fall 549

We make a conscious effort to be thankful for so much in our lives around here…and this season seems to bring those efforts to a new level.  To help little ones recognize the people and things that bless their lives, to help them see the effect of serving those we love, and to help them learn to love to serve others we have made a Thankful Jar!!! 

Fall 554

::This is not an original idea.  I heard about it from my dear sister who is having a wonderful time with it with her troop of kiddlings…and she read about it “on some blog out there somewhere”.  So if that blog somewhere out there is yours please let me know so I can give you due credit!!! And kudos on a fantastic idea!!::

We decorated a canning jar (by proudly writing Thankful!) and filled it with little slips of paper that have each member of our households name on them and a service that we can do for them to show them that we love them. Fall 553

It is a fantastic way for little ones to think of ways to serve others and show them that we love them.  Such wonderful things happen when we focus on looking outside ourselves and work to serve and show love towards those we share a home with.  It fills a home, a family, with new appreciation, love, and gratitude…which is always a blessing…no matter the season!

Fall 550*Both my kiddos find great glee in talking and making silly noises into jars, cups, bowls, etc.  Makes for some very silly moments!!!

Have a very thankful day!


Robin Britton said...

you could put "sister" as a link to my blog if you wanted. I just learned how to do that, so I could teach you if you'd like!

Heather said...

What a wonderful idea! We are going to sit down and do something similar this week. What a perfect time of year for something like this.

Hannah said...

I do love the girl who taught you...! It is a link by the way!!!

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