Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Fall 557Daddy is home!!!!  We are all thrilled to be back together as a little family and have been spending these first few days reconnecting and getting back into a healthy, happy, and very full daily rhythm. 

Walking in the beautiful fall weather, reading books, playing with blocks, working with the new number rods and “pink” tower, playing chase, going to the park, nature walks in the wetlands…it has been so nice to be back together.  

Fall 596 Fall 597 

Fall 578

 Fall 599   Fall 616

Everyone is home…safely gathered in.  And that is all that we need!!! 


Heather said...

I am so happy for you that everyone is together and safe. enjoy this wonderful time together

Kristen said...

Hi Hannah,
Those are such sweet pictures. I am sure your kids had a lot of fun crunching through the leaves with their dad! I just posted about something I made from the fabric that you sent me. I love all of it! I hope my package arrived safely to you to :) By the way, your wooden toys are amazing. I wish I could make stuff out of wood.

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