Saturday, November 7, 2009

The Montessori Not-So-Pink Tower

how to make montessori pink tower

As a mother I have to be very careful regarding how much I bite of in regards to creative endeavors!  When I over-extend myself, set too many creative goals at one time, and basically misplace my priorities, everything…everything…especially my children suffers.  Our unique daily rhythm, our healthy energy, and our whole home is thrown into a funk…which makes everyone sort of nutsy!  (Little ones are so attune to Mama’s spirit…they can tell when things are a bit off…and not knowing how to cope, uncharacteristic and usually rather unpleasant behavior pops up all over (even in Mama!)…and nothing is worth that!!!)

Making our own Montessori materials has to be done wisely and intentionally, as it is being added onto an already very crowded creative “to-do” list!  I try very hard to research and choose a wide variety of materials that I can feasibly make.  (There are so many blogs and books and resources for making montessori materials…this site provided a very extensive list of materials and what can realistically be made, what you should just buy, and where) The list of amazing materials that can be made or acquired for Waldorf and Montessori homeschooling is endless….and beautiful to look through and dream about. 

I have been dreaming about making Montessori materials since I was in college, (young, single, and without a single real idea of what motherhood would be) and first discovered the philosophy.  I distinctly remember one day exploring the depths of the library for any book I could get my hands on about Maria Montessori.  It was my first taste…and I knew I would love every bite, and I have, and I know I will continue to for a long time! 

how to make montessori pink tower

The Pink Tower is a fundamental, if not iconic, part of the Montessori sensorial education.  It can be used to introduce degrees of comparison and is a excellent introductory material for mathematics

The ten solid wood cubes of the tower vary in size incrementally from 1 x 1 x 1 cm to 10 x 10 x 10 cm.

I made these cubes by cutting pine boards to size.  I glued several boards together to make the larger cubes.  I was quite intrigued by the beautiful grain and rings on the boards, and they have sparked some interesting conversations, and some further exploration!  how to make montessori pink towerLike the number rods I showed you yesterday I changed the color scheme a bit and left the cubes bare of paint and simply applied several coats of non-toxic varnish so as to not hide that beautiful wood.  (If you make a set of these for yourself I highly recommend making several of the 1 x 1 x 1 cube.  That little bit of a cube has a way of disappearing even with the most careful use. Always nice to have a spare!)

Held and arranged, organized and compared, stacked and lined up they are constantly and quietly teaching a very ready mind.  As they are explored and manipulated little hands and little minds and little spirits are being prepared for great things! 

how to make montessori pink tower

Over the past several days I have noticed big hands also having a marvelous time with our “Pink” Tower! 


lulabellesview said...

Oh, if only I could do it all over again. Your parenting ideas are very inspiring. I'm tucking all this information away for my grandparenting days. Your children are very fortunate.

Leanne said...

what a beautiful (pink) tower! I almost like this one better with the natural wood. What other materials are you looking at making?

Hannah said...

Right now I have a set of counting spindles, scent boxes, sensorial sound boxes, and color tablets in the works. I am really loving this!

Anonymous said...

are the blocks from the pink tower solid also?

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