Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Fall 474 

Anyone visiting this blog in the past few weeks will have noticed that I have been completely swept away in the beauty of fall.  I don’t know that I have ever taken as much time to thoroughly soak in and enjoy the splendor.  A tragedy that will not be repeated!  I will miss all the fiery color that has surrounded us for a spell now that we are headed into months of seemingly endless gray punctuated with sparkling snow and crisp clear skies. 

Fall 484

We helped, in a small way, bring about one of the last glorious purposes of all those leaves today.  Surprising that they have more of a purpose than being looked at, admired, photographed, held, studied, crafted, and jumped in!!!  Spread all over the garden they will provide a thick wonderful blanket during the winter and wonderful mulch in the spring!  Basically this “job” required receiving load upon load of leaves from the tractor and spreading them about by kicking, running, leaping, tossing, and all sorts of leaf frolicking fun!  Gardening is very serious work!!!     Fall 482

Fall 486

Aside from a few winter crops the soil is calm and quiet, preparing for a long restoring breath in, before the wonderful exhale of the the next growing season.  It is a marvelous cycle to watch and discover alongside a child. 

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Heather said...

Hannah, how beautiful that you fully enjoyed, and utilized the leaves that brought you so much joy. I never really thought of using leaves as garden cover, but since we have some left, I think that I may join you in giving the garden a warm blanket to rest in.

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