Monday, November 2, 2009


Sorry about the short absence!  I took a quick trip to bring the littles and their momma to see the (much missed) Daddy!  He’s still gone…I’m still a bit of a frazzled goat…but life is still moving on!!!

Halloweening is getting closer and closer to my heart as my children become old enough to truly adore dressing and undressing and dressing again as character after character.  Well…to be totally honest I think she (4) likes it a whole lot better than him (1!) …but he’s always up for a laugh…and dressing up always brings laughter.  This year, straight from Nottingham Forest, we became Robin Hood and Maid Marian! 

(I am now on the look out for a good Robin Hood storybook that is age appropriate (and not Disney) to read together!  Wish me luck!)

Fall 454

Fall 472 This was my first time making costumes and it really was a lot of fun! 

(I was hoping to have Daddy (who is very tall) be Little John, but alas he wasn’t here…it has been declared that a second Halloween must be had when Daddy comes home…!!  Don’t worry…I’ll tell you all about it!)

Fall 460 


Fall 434

Such wonderful traditions!  I wonder when she will begin to enjoy the “gutting” of the pumpkin?  This was definitely not the year! 

Fall 438   

When I was in college, far from home, and up to my scalp in school and work, the passing of Halloween was very significant.  It marked the countdown to the finals crunch.  Which meant Christmas break.  Christmas break meant family, traditions, familiarity, real meals, a breath of air before the next big haul of school.  Yes, the passing of Halloween was indeed very important.  (Although I can’t really remember a specific Halloween night…probably because I was always in the studio or in the library!)  Perhaps most notably…the passing of Halloween marked the beginning of Christmas music!  I never like to see Christmas all over the Big Box Stores too early…but in the home…in the playlist…in the studio…in the workshop…bring it on!!!  So don’t hesitate to turn on the holiday tunes…to get in the spirit…to get those hands working!!  ‘Cause Christmas is coming!!!


ashley said...

Last year at this time, my husband was gone for 2 months due to work. Hang in there!

Heather said...

Oh how sweet are they! I am the same way with Halloween, as the little ones get older, I get way more into the spirit of the holiday. Looks like everyone in your house had a wonderful day

Geek+Nerd said...

The costumes are so sweet! Happy belated Halloween!

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