Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Balance – equality of distribution.

This seems to be a constant in my life.  The need for, quest for, and adjustment of balance.  As life is never at a state of equilibrium…as things are always changing, new challenges arising and other finally resolving the issue of balance is always there.  I think that as mothers this is an especially pressing concern as the many of the things needing to be balanced are not things at all but little souls. 

Fall 503

So each day, each hour, each moment we stretch our little toes, focus and become aware of our entire selves as we strive for balance.  True balance.  Whole balance.  Mind.  Spirit.  Body. 


Heather said...

Balance is always a hard one for us, and I appreciate taking a moment to remember its importance.

Tania said...

Amen! I was just telling someone that I so often feel like a hamster that is constantly running on the wheel trying to stop but only going faster and faster! I am not complaining as I have a wonderful life where I get to create all day and then pick up my child from school and have that time together, run the errands, etc. If only there could be just a few more hours in the day. Or better yet...could I just function better on less sleep! ;)

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