Monday, October 26, 2009

Handmade…and Pumpkin Crisp

Fall 323 Under the riot of fiery fall color that is bursting forth everywhere there is an abundance of handmade happenings!.  Halloween costumes, Christmas presents, Montessori materials…the studio and workshop are buzzing…and getting rather messy (okay…maybe a bit more than messy!).  There is something very invigorating and inspiring about all the amazing color that surrounds us these days.  It is marvelous. 

Fall 324 


When I was in college I worked for the university’s catering company…which was a lot of fun…and very yummy!!!  Sure beat the “starving artist” dinners I made for myself!  We served a delicious pumpkin crisp at a lot of fall banquets that was amazing…and secret.  But that can’t be the only pumpkin crisp recipe out there!  So I’m looking for my own tried and true pumpkin crisp recipe!  Let me know if you have one…!!!Fall 328


Five Wahlquist's said...

Hannah, I worked catering too! All the food was super delicious! If only I had that recipe too. Do share when you find one! You are amazing by the way.. and a true inspiration to me! Hope we can get together sooner than later!

Heather said...

Such gorgeous pictures! You have a way with the camera

Hannah said...

Thank you!!

stitching under oaks said...

absolutely gorgeous captures of this beautiful season! if you get a good sure to post about it! I think a pumpkin crisp sounds like a wonderful thing!

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