Saturday, October 24, 2009


My husband has been and will be out of town for a bit.  (Feels longer than a bit but somehow that little word helps me keep things in perspective…which is crucial!!)

I’ve been feeling like this the past few days:  !!!Robinson Photos Sept. 2 050

…a bit old, my battering horns a bit beaten, a bit scruffly…just wanting to bask peacefully in the sun!!  But isn’t he magnificent?!…the mothering is always magnificent (the big picture of mothering…not always the moment to moment nitty gritty) …even if the mom is a frazzled worn out old goat!!! 

On the other hand…my children are feeling like this:Fall 131 Fall 125 Fall 126 Fall 129 

So…we will weekend no matter what!  After all…there are leaves to jump in, vegetables to print, paper mache to make a glorious mess with, Christmas lists to get to work on,…and possibly….housework to do!

Happy weekending. 


Heather said...

Oh, the frazzled goat, I feel you girl :)

Those are some seriously adorable little ones you have there. I wish you all a very fun weekend ahead

stitching under oaks said...

Happy weekending to you too! You're so right, mothering is always magnificent. Your kiddos are so cute...their hats are adorable.

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