Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Robinson Photos Aug 9 232 This was the view from my workroom window as I sat and worked on an exciting new project.  It was a day not too long ago…and it was a familiar day.  What a rainy, rainy summer we have had.  Although we live in an agricultural area and such deluges have not been completely beneficial I have sincerely enjoyed many consequences of the rain.  So many days that beg to be spent holed up in the workroom writing, designing, sewing, and projecting!  So many days that beg to be spent exploring the attic and playing dress up.  So many days that beg to be spent curled up reading stacks of library books.  And so many green, green, green days between the rains.  No dusty fields of crusty grass…we have lush thick green grass even in these hot August days.  No average garden growth…we have incredibly huge, and very happy plants.  (Coming soon!!!)

We are happily summering!  Here are a few bits of beauty from our summer days.   

Robinson Photos Aug 11 020These little toes turned one today!  It was a wonderful celebration in which the favorite gift was handmade by his big sister! 

Robinson Photos Aug 11 053

Robinson Photos Aug 11 025