Thursday, August 13, 2009

Just stopping in…

I have been very busy lately planning a wedding reception for my brother-in-law and his new bride.  Today I am more than very busy so am just stopping in for a minute to share some bits with you.

Robinson Photos Aug 13 026

We have a very happy one year old little boy!!!  In his hand is the gift his sister made for him with very little supervision.  (There really is something in his hand I promise…he’s just very excited about it and moving very fast!) It’s a shaker…!  I know…how simple is that…but he loves it.  LOVES IT!!!!!  He pulled it from the wrapping himself and broke out in a huge grin as it started shaking.  A big hit!!!  And how wonderful for a new gift-maker to see the joy handmade gifts can bring.  With a bit of help from Nana, she chose an extra travel size shampoo container (semi-transparent), and chose some very small buttons to put in it.  The lid is securely attached (I think I might even glue it…just to be sure), and it’s ready to make some rhythm.  We are moving and grooving around here!!! 

Robinson Photos Aug 13 008

These two little monkeys love play time with Dad!