Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Fall has come to New England bringing with it all the idyllic fall joys.  Narrow winding roads flanked with massive trees and ancient rocks walls are classic New England, and one of my favorite things about this land where I live.  These roads are now a tunnel of fiery beauty and we marvel each day on the way to and from school on the magnificent leaves.  It invigorates the soul to see such splendor.  We’re trying to soak up as much as we can before holing up for the longest and hardest season…I won’t even say the word…we all know it’s coming! 


Fall brings a birthday for our family.  Actually our little family now has a birthday in every season!  But, fall brings Rebecca’s birthday.  Anyone that has met this little wonder of ours knows how big her excitement can get…and around a birthday…well my goodness it is hard not to be carried off into the clouds with her as the day approaches!  It is just so much fun to do special things for one who gets so very very excited about it! 

I’ve been going out of my comfort zones with birthday cakes recently and having a lot of fun with it.  We made a pirate ship cake for Spencer’s birthday and had some fun with a fairy dress cake for Rebecca.  I’ve never been taught anything about cake decorating, or practiced or anything….just sort of went for it!  With my unexperienced hand and the styling direction of a 7 year old I think we did quite well!  At least it was super fun and ended up as a delicious treat!!