Monday, September 10, 2012

School…in a Whole New (Plaid!!) Fashion

I can’t really tell you how many times people have asked us why we decided to begin homeschooling our children.  I didn’t always give everyone the same answer, which worked because, honestly, there were many different reasons behind our decision.  Now, as we begin a new phase in the schooling of our oldest dear one, we are faced with new questions!  This one being the most recurring:

When and why did you decide to stop homeschooling Rebecca?

And, to be totally honest I don’t really have a clear answer.  Especially for the “when” question!  In many different and subtle ways we found ourselves moving toward a new schooling plan for Rebecca with her needs, personality and learning style in mind.  We definitely didn’t wake up one morning and say, “Hey, let’s put Becca into a Catholic school”, it was much more like “Wow, are we really talking about moving away from homeschooling and sending her to school….”  But every time the shock hit us, the settling feeling that what we were doing was in fact the best thing for our girl would calm the shock of the huge change we were putting into play. 

I’m not going to get into details about why we chose to stop homeschooling Rebecca. It was simply the right time to make the switch for her.  So switch we did!!!

She absolutely loves her new school and we are thrilled and thoroughly impressed with her new environment and the amazing team of teacher and administrators that she is working with. 

And here (Mom!) is what you’ve been waiting for…the classic “first day of school” pictures! 



  DSC_0769Not the best picture of her grinning face, but it shows her cute little “summer uniform” that she’ll wear until the end of October and again in the spring.  In the winter she’ll wear the traditional uniform jumper in classic red and blue plaid.       

Rebecca and I have been a team from the instant she was born, spending our days adventuring together.  When our little man arrived the two of them quickly became a packaged deal.  A new phase is in front of us now, as she goes off to adventure on her own, and he adventures at home with me, building his own dynamic duo with our littlest lady (whom he never calls simply Emma, and goes instead for “Emma-nema-nema-nema”…who knows why…that’s our Spencer!)  I admit, the reality of the changes this new phase would bring brought me to a panic a few times.  Time is just flying by too fast watching these little ones grow up around me.  But when the morning of the big day arrived she was so excited, and I was so full of the assurance that this was the right move for her, that I found myself being carried along with her joy and kept my sentimentality in check!


Here’s too our new schooling phase!!!