Thursday, May 10, 2012

Time for Becca’s Apron

Moments before the “making dinner” hour (read: crazy hour) the request for a doll apron came.  And not just a doll apron, a doll apron that she could make herself (Becca, not the doll!)  After a pause, and a deep breath, we dove in.  Sewing with little fingers is wonderful and important, and I love it, but it does require extra patience and a bit more time.  Both of which were waning…! 
I was thrilled when this little apron went together without a hiccup of any kind, and in no time at all!  Becca did the sewing (I control the presser foot and she does everything else!!!), ironing, and choosing of fabrics, and I discovered the quickest doll apron pattern ever!  We took two rectangles of fabric, sewed them right sides together on three sides, turned them right side out, pressed it flat, attached a grograin ribbon as a tie, melted the ends of the ribbon so they wouldn’t fray, and voila!!!  DSC_0312
DSC_0313It took no time at all really, and she was so thrilled with the result, and with the whole process really.  It would have been so easy (and logical!) to say no, that it was too close to dinner, that I didn’t have the time.  So easy.  And too often it is what I say as I adjust to the adventure of three children (with the littlest insisting on being held every moment her big blue eyes are open!).  Shame on me!  Here’s to pausing, taking a deep breath, and saying yes as often as I can!