Monday, May 7, 2012

Super Spencer

I moved my sewing machine out of the basement workroom (that I hadn’t been making my way into for the longest time!) and onto the dining room table as part of it had already been commandeered for starting plants.  Brilliant move!  With the machine right there I have been able to steal a moment or two here or there and have gotten so much done!  I have tried to corral the projects and supplies in baskets, but I have to say that after a week I am ready for the sewing workspace to not be in the center of the living space!  It’s been a genius move for the moment though! 
One of very favorite projects that I’ve been able to finish up with the sewing moved upstairs is a Super Hero cape for my little man.  He’s pretty super after all!!!  The cape is made from a T-shirt and whipped up in minutes…literally!  I laid the shirt on the floor, cut out the cape shape cutting the neckline in the front, folded the edges of the entire cape under and zig-zagged a hem.  A little velcro to fasten the front and voila!!!!  Super Spencer to the rescue! 
DSC_0320DSC_0322    DSC_0324