Friday, March 16, 2012

Remembering this Moment

It’s chilly and drizzly today.  Spring-like actually.  It’s the kind of drizzle that would eat away at snow piles…if we had them.  The kind of drizzle that slowly soaks down into the earth helping to warm and awake the soil to it’s glorious days ahead.  It’s the kind of drizzle that keeps you in cozy pajamas enjoying board games, sewing projects, art with the kids, and plenty of good books…or maybe a day spent at the museum…or maybe at the library…!  It’s a welcome drizzle…but I have to admit that as we look out our windows our  minds are consumed with remembering the moments of earlier this week when shoes were tossed off, arms were bare, and we drank in the uncanny warmth with pure joy.  They were sweet sweet moments indeed for a New England family in the middle of March.