Monday, March 19, 2012

Boston Museum of Science

Now that Emma is a bit bigger, the weather is milder (yay!), and I am feeling much less “just had a baby-ish” (if only I looked less so!) we have been venturing out of our little sphere and into the great wide world!  One of our recent adventures brought us to the Boston Museum of Science. 

It is fascinating and wonderful indeed to spend the day exploring with your children in an environment created especially for wonder, discovery, investigation, and learning!  The entire museum is quite magnificent I have to say, but certain exhibits and areas were especially loved by the littles. 

The discovery room for young scientist is fantastic, and the staff located there were truly amazing.  They were everywhere, talking with, exploring with, and naturally teaching the children in the area.  Spencer ate up every word of the staff member that joined him in the bee exhibit.  As a mother it is so priceless to have another adult take time to listen to, teach, and value your child, if even for just a brief time in a museum!IMG_0332IMG_0320IMG_0322IMG_0330IMG_0327

The Gecko exhibit, which housed several dozen different species of Geckos was incredible.  Geiko is completely missing out using that silly little green gecko…there are much cooler ones out there!  The littles also had a wonderful time peppering the animal workers with question after question about the animals shown at the Science Live! shows.  The museum houses an alligator named Attleboro after the town from which it was confiscated as a house pet.  The concept of alligator as house pet was absolutely fascinating to the kids!


The massive dinosaur replicas and skeletons were met with utter joy and amazement on the part of one, and a bit of uneasiness on the other.  Spencer absolutely loved them, and couldn’t seem to get enough of looking up at them and exclaiming over their sheer enormity.  Becca on the other hand, after being excited about them and looking up at them with her brother for a bit, let her imagination go wild and got herself completely spooked!  She held on tight to the stroller and my arm for the rest of the time in the exhibit regularly asking what we would do if they were real, where we would hide, etc!!!  Even after we left that area she would sometimes look at me with wide eyes and mention the huge dinosaurs and remind me not to bring us past them again!  Poor girl.  IMG_0335IMG_0334IMG_0323IMG_0339IMG_0340

The view from our table in the museums cafeteria.  Photo by Becca!